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Ocean Park, WA, us
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I am a Die Hard Bangs and Bangles fan from way back.  Like a few others my age (now 51), I was truly privileged to spend my early post college years trouping to the dives and paisley music box clubs taking in a veritable ton of talent in so many bands during the early 80's.  Memories I have like the ones from this early period seem so much more important now, even though I never revisited them for years.  Just looking at the discography for Vicki, I feel so lucky to have experienced some of the earlier days of The Bangles -  a band that even now, grows in popularity exponentially.Does anyone remember Tower records on Brea or Mad Jacks Stereo?  Pulling out 8-tracks for the "new" latest technology cassette decks?  Kool clubs like The Central and Dancing Waters or the Cathay?  Some are gone now, but the rock and roll times were sure happening back then, and the Bangles were one of the rocking bands of the day, even then.One of my favorite routines from the early days was making "best of" TDK cassettes from my Call On Me records and the Bangles EP (we knew no limitations to this lp at the time) and All Over the Place records!  The rest had not even occurred yet!  Anyone from Simi Valley or Chatsworth from this period?  Clearly these girls have a private source of elixer from the fountain of youth.  They still look so great and are creating like it is 1981 all over again.  Richard
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Bangles, Fleetwood Mac, Doobie Brothers,  Beetles, Beach Boys, Aerosmith (early) Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, The Eagles, Bow Wow Wow, Quiet Riot, Night Ranger and Motley Crue.  Then all the rest as they lighten up. 

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